3 Methods On How To Carry A Fly Fishing Net

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How To Carry A Fly Fishing Net

A fly fishing net is one of the most important tools used by a fisherman. Professional and amateur anglers use this fishing kit to catch fish. It is designed to catch any fish that gets hooked and tries to swim away. The fly fisher can then unhook the fish without injuring it before releasing it back into the water. There are many ways to carry a fly fishing net. But each angler has their own preference. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to carry a fly fishing net properly.

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Carrying a fly fishing net may seem like an easy challenge. There is, however, more to it than you would assume. The most useful method of carrying a fly-fishing net is via attaching it to a magnetic net release on the back of your vest or sling-pack. Netting fish this way keeps the net clear of your cast and quickly available when it’s time to grab that trout.

With a long handle and mesh material, it is the preferred method for catching large fish that are not caught on the hook alone. The netting allows the fisherman to scoop up an entire branch of fish without having to use bait or worry about harming the animals.

Just picking up the right side of the net for your needs and using it is not enough. You must also carry it appropriately. Here are some tips on how to do just that so that you can make sure that both you and your gear stay safe while out on the water.

How to Carry A Fly Fishing Net Properly?

Carrying a fishing net when you’re out on the water might seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. One of the best things about being a fisherperson is that you can use every part of the fish you catch.

When it comes to fly fishing, efficient fishing kits are essential. If you’re not using the right netting technique, you’re definitely going to be wasting your time. But when you use a well-made net, you can quickly increase your catch rate and overall daily haul of fish.

Method 1: Handle Up Dangling From The Back of The Vest

Magnetic systems for securing nets onto a vest are relatively recent, resulting in the dangle-off-the-back net-carrying system. Fly fishing nets are attached to vests by means of a dangle-off-the-back system. The ingenious magnetic fly release feature ensured that the net stayed out of the way during casting and could be quickly and conveniently used when needed.

This frees up the fly fisher’s hands and keeps the net out of the way of the angler’s cast, it has become the most widely-adopted way to carry one’s fly fishing net.

Method 2: Handle Down Dangling From The Back of The Vest

Here’s a good tip you should use when you’re dealing with accessing your net in case of an emergency. We see many people use the handle-down orientation. But we feel it’s better to keep your net closer by having the handle mounted in such a way that it can quickly be reached. The net can be easily attached to the back of your vest with the help of hook and loop straps. So that it does not interfere with your normal walking.

Method 3: Use Smith Creek Holster to Carry A Fly Fishing Net

Use Smith Creek Holster to Carry A Fly Fishing Net
Smith Creek Holster

If you love fly fishing, then you’re more than aware of the importance of having a quality fly fishing net. Without one, it’s impossible to catch any fish. However, traditional nets can be cumbersome and difficult to carry. Fortunately, there is now an alternative that makes carrying a fly fishing net easier and more convenient.

The Smith Creek Holster is a nylon holster that attaches to a belt in order to hold a fishing net that makes it easier to carry your net when flying fishing.

The holster uses a magnet and drawstring to secure the net but does not interfere with the use of the net. As it attaches to a different side of the holster. You can attach this holster to your own hip pack. You will find it very easy to remove the net from your shoulder and attach it to your waist.

Although you will feel that this product was more useful when attached to a waist rather than a shoulder pack.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is It Necessary to Use A Net When Fly Fishing?

Is It Necessary to Use A Net When Fly Fishing
Using Fly Fishing Net

The answer is not a simple one. If all you want to do is float, then no, you don’t need a net. But once your fly fishing skills are up and running, your angling fun will increase exponentially if you add the use of a net to your reels of tricks.

Some anglers think a net is an unnecessary accessory to carry with you, others find them useful depending on the situation. A net has many functions and can be used to catch fish. That has escaped after being hooked or to retrieve fish that are stuck to the bottom of your boat or kayak.

Why Does A Fly Fisherman Use Nets?

A fly fisherman uses nets for a variety of reasons, from storing flies to catching fish. When you are fishing in a river or stream, it is often best to use a net rather than your hands to catch fish. Using your hands may cause the fish unnecessary stress and damage their delicate fins and scales. A net can be used with both live bait and lures. And you will always want to avoid scaring or stressing out the fish.

Fly fishermen use nets to help improve line control and decrease the number of hook injuries incurred when landing fish by hand. Using a net will greatly reduce your chances of having a hook in your hands when releasing and handling fish.

What Is The Use of A Fishing Vest?

What Is The Use of A Fishing Vest
A Fishing Vest

Fishing vests are used to keep your gear close at hand while fishing. The vest is designed to be lightweight, with plenty of pockets and pouches for storing hooks and lures, pliers, lines, knives, fish finders, and other tools. The vest can be worn over the shoulder or across the body to provide quick access to fishing gear.

Does A Beginner Fly Fisher Need A Net?

When most people think of fishing, the first thing that comes to mind is not a net. But if you’re going fly-fishing for the first time, there is not necessary to have a fishing net. But Beginners should begin with a light fly rod and reel. As well as a few flies and a good pair of sunglasses. A small lighter rod will allow for precise dry-fly placement, which is necessary for catching fish.

Where Should Put A Net When Fly Fishing?

You can carry a fly fishing net is to connect it to a magnetic net release on the back of your vest or sling-pack. This keeps the net clear of your cast and quickly available when you need it.

Final Words

A fly fishing net helps you catch fish when you need to. However, it may also be used for a number of other purposes. For example, it can be used as a backpacking tarp in an emergency and even as a fly fishing fisher when needed. Knowing how to use a fly net is an important part of fly fishing. As you can see, carrying a fly fishing net makes it easy to travel with your gear. When looking for a fly fishing net, make sure that the bag is big and spacious enough to fit your equipment. So, you don’t have to worry about taking up too much space in your gear bag or backpack. We hope this article on carrying a fly-fishing net has helped you learn the basics.

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